For more than 30 years, our business has been a market leader in the offisite construction, design, manufacture and erection of precision engineered timber.  We have ISO:14001 certification and are active members of the Structural Timber Association and TRADA.

In every instance, our mission, objectives and vision are unwavering:

  • To design, manufacture and build the finest quality timber frame structures;
  • To support our customers with sector-leading expertise at every stage of the process;
  • To use natural materials and work innovatively with our customers and suppliers in securing a sustainable future;
  • To champion innovation, we form close alliances with customers who are advocates of modern methods of construction (MMC), offsite manufacturing (OSM) and timber-frame technology;
  • To guarantee an excellent customer experience, we employ top industry experts and invest in the continued development of our teams, so that our clients are supported through every stage of the process;
  • To ensure sustainability for our business and the communities we serve, we have a culture continuous innovation to improve our products and the processes that support their delivery

Robertson Timber Engineering has two offsite manufacturing facilities, one in Scotland and one in England, producing precision-engineered timber to the highest standards.  Our head office is a centre of excellence for estimating, project management, design and research and development.

Many of our clients are making the move from traditional builds to modern methods of construction, which can be a steep learning curve.  That is where Robertson Timber Engineering’s expertise comes in.

Our expertise includes the use of BIM, which is intrinsic to the highly efficient production of our offsite timber build system.  Prior to factory production, informed decisions can be made with the use of data integrated in a 3D design model.  The BIM process saves both time and costs, allowing for speed of delivery to site and ultimately delivering end-product value.

Our integrated supply and erect service means that the client and their design team are supported at every stage of the process.  The result is a seamless and comfortable turnkey transition into a modern, cost-effective, offsite solution to project delivery.




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