CCG Off-Site Manufacturing (OSM) is a leading manufacturer of enhanced, closed panel timber systems.

A subsidiary of the CCG (Scotland) Group, CCG OSM is based in Glasgow and is operational from one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the UK. Spanning 130,000 sqft, we utilise an innovative mix of automation and craftsmanship to create was known as the ‘iQ’ Timber System: a fully closed all solution, inclusive of insulation, internal wall linings, service zones, windows, external doors, and lightweight cladding, that is is also integrated with floor and roos cassettes as required.

Principally supporting the CCG Group, the System is utilised to create over 1500 homes per year as well as care homes, nurseries and primary schools.

The company has recently undertaken extensive research and development in response to the emerging sustainability agenda set forth by the Scottish Government as the economy transitions to becoming a net zero economy by 2045.

The CCG Group has sought to find a solution for new housebuilding in the immediate term in order to lower our emissions whilst sustaining housing supply and in 2020, this has led to the creation of the CCG Net Zero Home, Scotland’s first scalable and affordable mass-market net zero building standard. Find out more HERE.

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